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Khirsu: A Hidden Gem of Uttarakhand,

Khirsu: A Hidden Gem of Uttarakhand, recognize The Places in And round the Hill Station to go to The pristine surroundings ringed with lofty chain of mountains peaks and home ground of the many flora and fauna species makes the state of Uttarakhand a real adobe. additionally browse - Seaplane Services probably to start presently From Delhi-Ayodhya, Delhi-Uttarakhand There area unit several destinations to explore here that build the list of travellers. several are legendary among the individual communities however some area unit undiscovered aloof from the hustle bustle of town life within the lapse of nature. additionally browse - prime Destinations in Uttarakhand to expertise precipitation lately The hill station of Khirsu, is one such destination. set at AN altitude of one,700m within the Pauri district, it's an ideal entry for peace seekers. One needs to travel around 11km towards the north of Pauri city to succeed in this this quaint city. additionally browse - Uttarakhand set

It was not Love by Subrat

"love story"
It was all about 2015, when I was in class 10th. At that time I was reading in Guru Nanak Public School. I had some  good friends with whom I can to share something like Kruti, Sai, Sumant, Sourav, etc. Beside that someone else was with me, To whom I can’t call friend. Moreover she was more than just friend. We were neighbours. Infect we were in the same class.
As we were in class 10th it was our childhood and we had innocent love but it was not love. At first she talked with my brother and later on I started talking to her. She used to wait for me while going to school. We used to go in my Bike. In the school i used to behave as if even i don’t know her. I don’t had any perfect reason for this but in front of my friends i never used to talk to her even I never used to give her a smile. Once she asked me that why you behaves like that as if don’t know me. Simply, I had no answer.
"love story"
Later on we joined same tuition. We used to go there in my bike and we both used to have a good time. Once, while coming back from tuition she told me stop in a “Gup Chup” centre. I took her to that best Gup Chup stall of our area. We stoped there and we ordered 2 plates, The shop keeper told us to wait for a while and we took chairs and we started talking about each other for a long while. We talked about our Highs and lows, Likes and Dislike and many more. Then the shopkeeper came and put two plates of Gup Chup in our table but the talking never ends. We talked for about an hour, we finished our Gup Chup and before I took money from my wallet she had already paid to the shop keeper. Again from the next day our scheduled continued and we met in the Odia class, without any hesitation and attitude I seat beside her. No issue, it was not a great deal for me.
Once i had a fight with one of my friend for a silly thing but it turned to a great matter. On that day she went for the tuition with his father, the matter of my fight was in a vogue and everyone in the tuition discussed about that matter. She don’t even talked to me with in the whole hour as well she didn’t saw towards me. At the night after my dinner I got a popup in my phone and that was none other she, It was written in the message that “ Sorry that today i couldn’t talk to you. But tomorrow we will definitely  meet”. I replied “OK”. In the next day everything was normal except the fight. I continued till 3days. After that everything was normal. She was always with me. Our board exam was coming nearer we started to studied very seriously. We started to study together sometime in my home and sometimes at her home. It was not only our decision but our parents never stops us. As they have that much of faith on us.
But always we used to have a lot of coincidence with us. If in a day she used to wear black I will also wear black on that day and for this only we were very famous among our friends. At that time we had a picnic and there we had to go by our own vehicle. It was my fortune. On the picnic she called me in very early morning. It was winter session and infect it was the Christmas day. I became ready for it and at about  6 o’clock in the morning we both went there in my bike. We had to go not much about 30 km from our home. We both enjoyed the journey as she always used to enjoy riding with me. In the picnic we really enjoyed a lot we danced, we played cricket, we took a lot of selfies and many more. Apart of our enjoyment we never had any kind of disturbance on our studies. Then the new year came. After that we had an another picnic. As our parents refused us but somehow we managed to convinced them and again on the 10th of January we went for the picnic. That was the day which I never forget in my life. In my life I never had that much of fun ever and also in the future I can’t do that much fun. On that day we had done couple dance, played football, took a lot of photographs. A small brook was nearby to our picnic spot so we both boys and girls went there and took bath by spreading water to each other. It was the best picnic ever for me. Till now I am missing that moment. Then we continued  the josh of our studies.  Like this our board exam came. We were very serious towards it. And we both made  the exam very well. After that her birthday came and we enjoyed a lot on that day. We both behaves like couples and we both love each other but it was not love. She used to wait for my till hours, but it was not love. Then finally our routs changed after my class 10th and I never waits for that love.
As if it was not love.
"love stories"


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