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Khirsu: A Hidden Gem of Uttarakhand,

Khirsu: A Hidden Gem of Uttarakhand, recognize The Places in And round the Hill Station to go to The pristine surroundings ringed with lofty chain of mountains peaks and home ground of the many flora and fauna species makes the state of Uttarakhand a real adobe. additionally browse - Seaplane Services probably to start presently From Delhi-Ayodhya, Delhi-Uttarakhand There area unit several destinations to explore here that build the list of travellers. several are legendary among the individual communities however some area unit undiscovered aloof from the hustle bustle of town life within the lapse of nature. additionally browse - prime Destinations in Uttarakhand to expertise precipitation lately The hill station of Khirsu, is one such destination. set at AN altitude of one,700m within the Pauri district, it's an ideal entry for peace seekers. One needs to travel around 11km towards the north of Pauri city to succeed in this this quaint city. additionally browse - Uttarakhand set

The Pain Of Separation- Subrat

"love story"
It was 2014, I was living in my hometown with my Parent. At that time I was in class 9th. I was reading at Guru Nanak Public School which was one of the best school of that time.
Before the starting of my school session I took admission at Virat Institute for the preparation of Medical and IIT. But my coaching was far away from my home for which my father owned a bike for me and I was very happy that I got a bike.
I joined the coaching, The course was very interesting and I took a lot of enjoyment. One day I found someone  a glittering face, drizzling eyes and lips like the petals of a fresh rose, When I saw her I felt like everything stopped for a while. In the next minute I asked her name and she replied “Ananya”.
 Then I came to my home and I was unable to concentrate on anything in the next day I asked he school name and we talked a lot and for that there was no limit of happiness. I liked her voice, her eyes and her attractive smile. Finally we became good friends. Once she told me that she doesn’t like to be under restriction and for that she doesn’t like relationship. She told me a lot of that now we are not in a stage that we can choose someone for us and she thought that only for this reason the relationship always breaks. Then I left the hope to make a girlfriend.
"amore tales"
The new session of my school started and I started going to school, I was also attending  the coaching, still me and Ananya were good friends. Everything was going very smoothly and i fall ill, i was absent in the school and suddenly one day my grandfather past away, which was a great shock for everyone in my family. I went to my village. For one month I was absent in my school. One evening I got a call from a unknown number and that was none other than Ananya, we have never exchanged the phone number between us but she took my number from one of my friend. She asked me about my wellbeing, we don’t had a lot of time to talk to each other, I took my heart that after a prolong time I listened her voice. After one month I came back to Sambalpur. And started going to school and coaching. There I met with Ananya and we had a good time.
Then I joined a Karate class as a self defence. There I saw an another girl and in fact she was in my class. I was willing to know her name and want to talk her and suddenly I herd her name from one of her Friend, I called her “Krishna....”, no reply from her side. I took  a chalk and threw her. She started searching and she saw towards me. I said “Hiii.... What’s your name?” She replied “Riteshna”. She asked my name. Than our conversation started. I think I had a good talent to make friend very soon. We both became very good friend and many of my classmates were jealous of our friendship. One day we went on a drive in my bike and we both enjoyed a lot. I started liking  her and luckily it was not one sided. I gave her a nick name “Ritu”. Everything was going very smoothly and then one day a girl of my class proposed me. Everything happened in front of all my friends so I was unable to decide what to but it was it was my pleasure that for the first time in my life a girl proposed me. After that i managed to confess Ritu. I always used to see dreams about her but she was not of my type. Later on I realize that I can’t make her my girlfriend because I was not able to cooperate with her. She never told me that she loves me but she always jealous on those girls who even talk to me. Finally, I made her my best friend, not else. Simultaneously my bonding with Ananya was also going well.
"love story of boy"

At that time someone else came into my life as a passing flower. She is “Sonali” for whom  my life changed a lot. One day she proposed me and suddenly at that spot i accepted her proposal. And we came into relationship. I was not satisfied with my that relationship because we won’t use to share things between us. After five month we backed out. And I started Enjoying my single life. I started concentrating on my studies. My house was shifted to a different place in the same city and there i met my one of my class mate “Sittu”, i have never seen her before as we belongs from different sections. I came to class 10th. As usual very easily I can make friends I made “Sittu” as my Friend. She always used to waits for me to go to school and we both used to go to school in my bike. Later on we joined the same tuition and we used to go in my bike. I used to study with her in her room and sometimes in my room. I felt like she is staying less time with her family and more time with me of a day.  She was the topper of the school. Me and she became a very good friend, we used to spend most of the time together and our parents have that much of faith on us that they never told anything to us as we went for late night parties.
My board exam came. I was sent to the exam centre with my father and mother. I put all my efforts for the exam and I made it a grand succession. I went to my Aunt’s house for my sister’s marriage which was ahead. Me and Sittu were separated. I was very happy that Sittu will come on the Reception day of the marriage ceremony. We met on the Reception  day but I was unable to spent all the times with her because I was too busy although we had a good time. Then her Birthday came and might be she had a fabulous day.
After that I went to hostel for my higher studies my parents were shifted to my village, we were separated permanently. We were in touch with phone only and that is when I came to home. Just after two month of my life I was suspended from my hostel for three days as I had a clash with the teacher. Then I started my college as a very good and a gentle student. I have nothing much to describe about my college, it will only be a waste of time.
I finished my class 12th. I went for JEE MAINS and NEET but scored very less markes. As my prents were very worried about my studies and my future but at that time I had a talk with RNTU which is commonly known as “Rabindranath Tagore University” which is in Bhopal. I came here with my father and mother to see the college and to take admission.
Finally I took admission and I came to Bhopal. It was harder for me to come so far from my home. But I managed to stay here. I found it was a very good University and i was liked by everyone in this college. A new and strange person came into my life as my friend. She is “Harshu”. Again very soon we became best friends us used to share our all personals with each other. Very fast we tied up with such a relation that we won’t backed out. We both stared liking each other. Very soon we came to such a stage that we don’t want to loose each other. Each and every day we used to sit in a quite place to talk about us. My birthday came and she made it very exciting for me which I cant forget in my life ever. Once i complained her that she won’t loves me and she replied that “Tumhari Aankho ke ashu Humari Aankho se nikle phir v tum kahate ho ke shikayat ab v ha ke tumse Mohabbat hum nhi karte”. Every thing was going very smoothly and a miracle came into my life and that we met with a saviour road accident, Again we were separted....
"The Pain Of Seperation"


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