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Khirsu: A Hidden Gem of Uttarakhand,

Khirsu: A Hidden Gem of Uttarakhand, recognize The Places in And round the Hill Station to go to The pristine surroundings ringed with lofty chain of mountains peaks and home ground of the many flora and fauna species makes the state of Uttarakhand a real adobe. additionally browse - Seaplane Services probably to start presently From Delhi-Ayodhya, Delhi-Uttarakhand There area unit several destinations to explore here that build the list of travellers. several are legendary among the individual communities however some area unit undiscovered aloof from the hustle bustle of town life within the lapse of nature. additionally browse - prime Destinations in Uttarakhand to expertise precipitation lately The hill station of Khirsu, is one such destination. set at AN altitude of one,700m within the Pauri district, it's an ideal entry for peace seekers. One needs to travel around 11km towards the north of Pauri city to succeed in this this quaint city. additionally browse - Uttarakhand set

The Untold love stories by Arnav

It was 2009, when I came to Lucknow for taking admission in a school for my studies. My hometown is in Bihar but I have decided to study in Lucknow because as you all know the society (influencer), I got influenced and left my home, my parents, my friends and came to Lucknow. There was no one with whom I can talk, I was in my Uncle’s house but then also there was no one with whom I can share my feelings. As you all know the life of a banker who is in a metro city and in a private bank. They will pay you a lot but will take a lot from you too, you will never ever have any of your personal life after you are in the bank.
Same situation was with me, there were 2 of my elder brothers with whom I was wishing to share everything, but there was a fear that if I will share with them anything, they will make fun of me. I was so lonely there. 
Every morning with my uncle I was going for a morning walk, one morning I was in the park when I have seen her. In the morning sunlight her face was shining, her eyes were glittering, a beautiful smile on her face was making her more beautiful. It was the first time when I saw her. Next day I have to go to school as my admission process was done and from that day I can attend my class. I have took admission in 5th class. I was very new for that school as well as for everyone. I was so nervous as for first time I have came to such a big school. First time I was watching that everyone is talking in English and it made me more nervous. I was from Bihar and moreover I was from that school which was CBSE and a English medium school but every student there used to talk in Bhojpuri and Hindi. So I started searching for my class, it was difficult for me to search for my class, every student was crossing me but at that time I was having fear that how I will ask them, if they will make fun of me then what will I do, then suddenly I have seen her once again. I don’t know what has happened to me at that time but for that moment I have stopped and started watching her. Her way of talking, her smile whenever she speaks anything, her eyebrows, her hand movements to explain the situation, everything was so beautiful. Suddenly a voice came from my back, “In which class are you, beta!”. I have turned back, I have seen a faculty was there, I got nervous but then also I have managed to give her a one-word answer “Ma’am 5th”.  She told me to go upstairs and turn left. I came into the class, everyone was talking with each other and enjoying the moment. I entered in the class and searched for a last bench where no one can see me and got that seat. I went there and took that place. There was nothing inside me but only the fear of the situation which I am going to face now. With all this somewhere inside me there was a feeling that “She is in the same school”. A bell ranged and after a minute every got stand-up and there was a sound “Good morning ma’am”. Ma’am has just entered in the class room and behind her with a bundle of copies She was there with a smile and shine in her eyes. She was the monitor of my class and it made me more nervous. Inside I was knowing that I have generated a feeling for her but how can I tell her my feelings.
"amore tales"

She returned back to her seat; she was sitting on the front bench in the first row. My concentration only was on her that I haven’t listened that the ma’am is calling me. Ma’am came infront of me then suddenly I realized that now I am going to face a big problem, but just opposite happened. Ma’am told me “Beta you are in class so you should focus on my words not anywhere else”. I have bowed my head in her support and apologized for the action. After she started taking introduction from everyone and I got to know her name. Her name was Sweta. I was lost in my world that I haven’t realized that everyone has given the introduction and now it was my time. One boy just informed me to give my introduction. I stood-up and in a low tone I have told her “My name is Arav and I am from Bihar”.  Ma’am asked me that is there anything which is disturbing me because she was noticing each and every action of mine. I just shook my head in no. She told to sit down.
Time passed I have faced many situations in which I got embarrassed. But I have improved, my writing got improved, I have started scoring marks, teachers got impressed by me, but there was one with whom I wanted to share everything but I was not having that much of strength to go infront of her and tell her my feelings. But with time we both became friends and have started talking with each other. One day I have decided to propose her, I was nervous but happy too, when I have entered in the class, I have seen her with a boy on the last bench. It was Manav. I thought they are talking, there will be any work as Manav is from other section. Suddenly Tanishq came and told me that today Manav has proposed her and she said him “Yes’.  I was thinking “How she could do this to me”. From the first time when I had met her, from that time I was trying to show my feelings, she didn’t feel my love for her. She saw me and waved at me, with a fake smile on my face I waved her back and then went to my seat. Abhishek came and told me that “Bro! it was just an attraction, and there are many girls who will come into your life, and after all she is a girl with no character and she has played with your feelings”. I don’t know what happened to me I have grabbed him from his Collar and punched him on his face and he got black spot near his eyes and after that I took my bag and left the class. At night, I was trying to sleep but every time I tried to sleep, I was getting her face in front of me. I was not knowing what is happening with me. Suddenly a message sound came, I have opened my messenger, it was her message with “HI”. I have seen that message and decided not to reply her but then after 5 seconds I have replied her with “Hey”. She asked me if I was alright, what should I tell her, if I will tell her No then she will ask thousands of questions so I told her Yes. Again, she asked me that why I have beaten Abhishek, I was confused what should I tell her, I have told her that He was not returning my money. She replied me with “Ok” and got offline. Next day in class she came near my seat and told me that “Don’t ever talk to me again.” I was shocked, I was not knowing that what has happened just now, what mistake I have done that she is so angry. She went back to her seat and I was trying to find out the reason behind this. I have decided that I will ask her in Lunch, when I went to her, I have seen her with Manav, I got shivering from head to bottom and returned to my seat without saying anything.
At night again a message came “You don’t like Manav?”. I was shocked but managed to reply “No, but why are you asking this?”. She got offline. Next day when I was going to school, I found her. I went near her and asked about last night’s message. She told me to meet her after the school get over in the Park. I was in the park, waiting for her. At that time I was feeling so nervous, I was feeling like everyone is staring at me, everyone’s eyes were on me at that time. I was afraid of the answer, I was thinking that why she has called me in the park, then suddenly my waiting has been ended. She was there, she was entering in the park but this time I was wishing that she should not come here, for the first time I was wishing that she should not be here. She was coming near to me with every second. She came near me and was in front of me in next second. She asked me “What happened to you Arav? Why you are sweating too much?” I told her that nothing has happened to me, just because of the weather this sweat is there. I again asked her “Why you have called me?” Then she asked me if I was having any problem with Manav? I told her that no I don’t have any problem with Manav. Then she told me Ok. Then again, I told her that “You and Manav don’t look good with each other.” She started smiling, I was shocked why she is smiling then again, she asked “What is the reason behind this?” I told her that “I don’t have any reason for this, but I don’t like both of you together.” She again asked me that “Why I don’t like them?” I was telling the same answer every-time and every time She was asking “WHY?” Just after few minutes I shouted on her “Because I love you.” After listening to this she started laughing on me I was unable to understand what was going there? Why was she laughing so much? Then I asked her why she is laughing so much, then she told me that “I was waiting only for this moment, but I have never expected that I have to do this for accepting your feelings about me, I was knowing that you love me but You have never said this to me. So, with the help of Manav I have planned this, there is nothing between me and Manav. I love you too Arav” After listening this line I was not understanding How to react now? I should feel sad or I should feel happy? Then from the back Manav appeared He came near me and hugged me and said “Saale Langoor ko angoor mil gayi”, and he huuged me so tightly. I was very happy and we both laughed loudly at that time and after that Me & Sweta starred at each other and went to our home together. 

“This is not the ending, It’s a start of the story.


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